Danish, Finnish, Luxemburg, German (VDH), International Champion, European Winner -97

Pinafore Spearmint "Connie"

The foundationsbitch of Calie´s silver

Breeder Penny Harney, Pinafore Kennel, USA

Drawings made by Marina Isgren



Calie´s World Winner 

* We have 3  World Winner titles in the kennel right now:

Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Slovak, Luxemburg, Finland, International Champion, WW-09, WW-11 "Morgan"

*Bar-None Corps Consulaire Calie


Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Slovak, Finland, Luxemburg, International Champion, WW-10, "Ashley"

*Dawin Out Of The Shadows  


* We have bred one World Winner:

Sweden, Finland, Germany (VDH), International Champion, World Winner -03, "Chili"

*Calie´s Classic Copy Chrome CC


* We have bred one Reserve World Winner:

Reserve World Winner-06 "Winston"

*Calie´s Chrome Catapult


* We have two Reserve World Winner in the kennel:

Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Slovak, Finland, Luxemburg, International Champion,WW-09, WW-10   "Morgan"

Reserve World Winner -08

*Bar-None Corps Consulaire Calie


Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Slovak,Finland, Luxemburg,  Internationel Champion, WW-10 "Ashley"

Reserve World Winner -09

*Dawin Out Of The Shadows  


Latest news 

The best vicory is the next victory. The last victory is just a memory now.


Calie is the oldest and most winning silverstandard kennel in Scandinavia....

...and we are back in blacks to!


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"A strong honest and beautiful woman is no longer among us. Linda Isgren died of cancer in May 2016.

She was a very special person to me and to many others and we love and miss her deeply!

Linda was a devoted and successful breeder. It was Linda´s wish that I should continue to work in her spirit and that I intend to do! Calie's dogs will live for ever in my and serveral other breeding lines.

If you have questions about Calie's dogs please contct me at info@swanline.se

Christel Berglund, Kennel Swanline's"


 Welcone to Calie's.

Breeding since 1983.


Please note that english is not my mother tongue

Om ni vill ha information på svenska, kontakta info@swanline.se .

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Note since 2009  the FCI standard  now calls the silvercolor "grey" 


Calie´s  kennel has a qualitybreeding, approx one litter every year, on black or silver standardpoodle. Sometimes we do get white pups to. We also have studdogs.

We started with dashounds and the first standardpoodle in the house was born 1 january 1981.

The first black standardlitter was born 1983 and the first silver litter 1994.

We only use healthy and sound, conformationally correct dogs with a excellent temperament when we breed. They are also free from hipdysplasia. We also do some other healthchecks, like SA, PRA, vW on some dogs, before breeding.

Our motto is to protect, refine and improve the poodles. Quality before quantity. 

We breed according to the goals set by RAS for poodles, Breedingspecific Strategies, made by The Swedish Kennelclub and The  Swedish Poodleclub. 

We never have many dogs and they are living in the house like ordinary petdogs even if they are often showdogs on the weekends.  The puppies grow up in our home, living with the other dogs so they get used to homeactivities and then get a bit of positive stress to give them a safe and sound start in life.


The dogs we breed are first of all loving pets, some of them are also involved with showing, obedience, agility, therapy, hunting and so on, and some are also used for breeding the next generation of incredible and loveable standardpoodles.





We have 3 World Winners and 1 reserve World Winner, during the time we have

used the incredible coat products from K9.

K9 is the product to use to get a World Winner





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“Think about the fact that dogs a living creatures with senses, needs and feelings and that their wellbeing, health and joy is your responsibility.

It must be this fact that you first consider and it is so much more important than prestige, fame or monetary gain”